Funeral directors “forgotten emergency service”


SAIF has raised concerns in the national media that funeral directors are being treated like the “forgotten emergency service”, due to the lack of PPE and clarity from Government over concerns around infection control guidance.

SAIF Chief Executive Terry Tennens said: “Our members are ready to play a major role in caring for people who have died of COVID-19 and their families. But the shortage of PPE means funeral directors are being placed at great risk. We’re worried that the death care system won’t be able to cope if lots of funeral directors have to self-isolate – or worse lose their lives – due to coronavirus.

“We’re calling on the Government to clarify advice and to speed up the supply of PPE for everyone who needs it. At the moment it feels like funeral directors are the forgotten emergency service but – make no mistake – they are on the frontline in dealing with this crisis and need to be properly protected.”

The story appeared in The Express and The Guardian.

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