Funeral Celebrancy Council launches at NFE

The new Funeral Celebrancy Council provides a much-needed central organisation, representing funeral celebrants in the UK and providing an agreed set of professional standards. It is the result of established associations and training providers within the funeral celebrancy sector working together for the first time.

More and more people are becoming funeral celebrants either with or without training, and there are currently no common standards across the profession. Conversations with funeral directors had revealed concerns that some celebrants may not always be providing what bereaved families need at funeral ceremonies, at a time when funeral celebrants are increasingly becoming a first choice to lead ceremonies.

Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF, is a member of the Council and says: “The FCC is a positive initiative demonstrating collaborative working on the part of the various celebrant associations and training providers. SAIF is pleased to support their work in improving quality in funeral celebrancy and creating one organisation central to this growing sector.”

In its 2018 survey of over 500 funeral celebrants, the Council discovered that 80% of respondents said they belonged to one of over 20 different professional associations. A central body is therefore essential to provide a cohesive organisation for the understanding of, and raising of standards in, funeral celebrancy.

The Council is working to improve standards of funeral celebrancy across the profession, to highlight best practice and give celebrants the central ‘voice’ that is needed, while providing funeral directors, their trade associations, Government bodies, press and other other external organisations with a central point of contact for information about the celebrancy profession.

The Council will hold its official launch at 3pm on Friday 7th June at the National Funeral Exhibition.

Both the NAFD and SAIF are represented on the Council so any member can attend the launch and see how this new organisation grows.

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