Ex-Disney boss offers a sensory experience

The former Vice President of Disney’s Epcot theme park has brought the idea of selling the “experience” to the funeral industry.

Brad Rex’s new firm, Foundation Partners Group, is offering “multi-sensory experience rooms” as part of its service, which includes giant projection screens, hand-picked audio and, most notably, scents.

The use of smell is well known at Disney’s parks, and the funeral firm is now looking to use it as part of the process of saying goodbye to loved ones.

Families are able to choose a pre-made themed backdrop, based on memories they would like to discuss during the memorial service, to play personal videos and show pictures against. They can have their loved ones’ favourite songs played, as well as having a customised scent cast around the room. Foundation has reportedly fitted multi-sensory rooms in its 14 funeral homes.

It has been suggested that introducing these high-tech add-ons is in response to the number of Americans now choosing cremation, but it also comes at a time when many people are opting for the non-traditional funeral and would like a more personal send-off.

New services have also been introduced for those unable to make the service, such as live web streams and recording services to make into a DVD keepsake.

Foundation has even done away with traditional casket sales floors, with customers browsing options on flat screens, described by Rex as: “Just like Amazon.”

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