End of era for dedicated President

words: Alun Tucker, Outgoing President of SAIF

It was 20 years ago that I was encouraged to join the SAIF Executive Committee. Little did I know the journey that would bring.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the National Executive for much of that time as well as twice being National President.

Having held the ‘three months temporary’ position of Chief Executive Officer for a number of years, then nearly three years as Executive Chairman, you will see what an important role SAIF has played in my life both professionally and personally.

I believe that once you make a commitment to a role then you must give it your all and I am satisfied that is what I have done.

SAIF has helped me grow as a person and increased my knowledge of the funeral profession far beyond that of which I would have ever expected.

It is true that time moves very quickly and the end of my involvement with SAIF – I will always be proud to be a Fellow and Past President – will conclude at the end of the AGM weekend on the 31 March as I move on to continue with new business interests.

Of course, SAIF has always been a team and I owe an enormous gratitude of thanks to everyone who has supported me from the outset until the very end.

I leave behind a strong Chief Executive in Terry, a hard-working National Executive (will they ever have such a bossy Chairman?) who give their time so freely to help our membership and an excellent support team at SAIF Business Centre. Thank you all.

If you have not yet booked for the AGM weekend at Five Lakes it is not too late, I would be delighted to see you there.

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