Dr Bill e-book available

‘First you Hurt, Then you Heal’, an e-book written by Dr Bill Webster, is now available from Amazon.

Dr Bill said: “I realise the title of this book may not be the trendiest one I could have chosen. So often the focus these days is on hope and healing. I have heard people say within a short time of the death, ‘the healing has begun’.

I understand that this is the fondest wish of us all. But how can the healing begin when the hurting hasn’t even begun?

“It hurts to lose someone you care about, thus I felt it was important to title the book ‘First you Hurt, Then you Heal’.”

The book is aimed both at people going through grief and those unsure what to say to help others who have experienced loss. In more than 230 pages and over 30 articles, Dr Bill outlines a road map for the grief journey. The book opens with the early days after a loss, covering understanding grief, insights into various situations of loss, and strategies to help work through the process.

The e-book can be found through www.griefjourney.co.uk

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