Digital marketing campaign results

A digital marketing campaign to highlight the role of independent funeral directors has shown some positive results.

The one-month pilot, organised by SAIF’s PR and digital agency Genesis, was launched to encourage members of the public to use the services of a local, independent funeral director. It incorporated social media to promote SAIF and drive the public to visit the newly revamped website.

Adverts were also displayed on Facebook and Google, with the public directed to dedicated blog posts and the ‘Find a Member’ page.

The digital campaign ran from Tuesday 21 February to Tuesday 21 March, and worked on two themes – why you should choose an independent funeral director and advice blogs on how to arrange a funeral.

According to the results, more than 100,000 people within SAIF’s target audience saw the advertising campaign.

It also had a positive impact on the SAIF website, with more than 1,000 people visiting the campaign blog posts and an increase in ‘Find a Member’ searches compared to the same period last year.

In terms of the Google adverts, Genesis revealed they received 48,592 total impressions and 557 total interactions.

Speaking prior to the pilot launch, Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF, said: “It is a new step for SAIF but one that we felt was very much in line with how we want to grow.

“This type of marketing is an approach employed by other organisations and one, which – in this day and age – is increasingly important.

“By using social media, we will be able to promote our message to a wide audience at a relatively low cost.”

Following the four week campaign, the final statistics reveal that, for a low spend and short period, there is evidence of positive results and value for money.

Genesis PR has recommended the campaign run for another six months to build on the pilot and to use digital advertising to support SAIF’s overall approach to marketing including PR, social media and member engagement.

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