Digital marketing campaign launched

SAIF has launched its very first digital marketing campaign to encourage members of the public to use the services of a local, independent funeral director.

Initially running for one month, the campaign, which has been put together by SAIF’s PR and digital agency Genesis, will use social media to promote SAIF and drive the public to visit the newly revamped SAIF website.

There will be adverts on Facebook and Google, with the public directed to dedicated blog posts and the ‘Find a Member’ page.

Social media

The Facebook advertising uses two different, short but impactful videos which reflect the themes of SAIF’s recently published ‘5 Things to do Before You Die’ booklet. The videos are centred around two key themes: why choose an independent funeral director and how to arrange a funeral.

Each video will direct consumers to a dedicated blog post which offers useful information and advice.

Importantly, each blog provides an easy link to the ‘Find a Member’ page. Alongside the videos, SAIF will also be running a series of adverts on Google which are aimed at increasing the visitors to the ‘Find a Member’ page.

Find a SAIF Member

SAIF will be able to fully track the campaign from how many people view the Facebook videos and Google ads, to the number that click through to the blog posts and how many click on the ‘Find a Member’ search page.

Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF, said: “It is a new step for SAIF but one that we felt was very much in line with how we want to grow. This type of marketing is an approach employed by other organisations and one which – in this day and age – is increasingly important.

“By using social media, we will be able to promote our message to a wide audience at a relatively low cost. Tracking the results will enable us to evaluate the success of the pilot and to decide whether we want to continue with digital advertising.

“I would like to encourage members to keep an eye out for the advertising and give us feedback. In particular, if there are any subjects for our blog that you think would be of interest or benefit to the public.”

To offer feedback, please contact SAIF Business Centre on 01279 726777.

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