Cremation ceremony choice

GreenAcres has launched an all-inclusive cremation service at its Colney, Chiltern and Rainford cemetery and ceremonial parks, which will provide a real alternative for those families looking for a cremation service with a difference.

Pre-cremation services have been held across the Group for many years, with families opting for GreenAcres as an alternative venue for their service, and then moving on to a crematorium for a committal. With the new service, funeral directors can book a cremation with their local park, which includes both the cost of cremation and hire of the Woodland Hall.

Once the service has concluded and the family have dispersed, GreenAcres will arrange for the transportation of the deceased in a private ambulance to a licensed, named crematorium, where the cremation will take place. Working alongside the funeral director, they will ensure the ashes are collected and returned as per the family’s wishes.

Following the cremation, if the family is considering an ash interment or scattering, GreenAcres has options for doing so within the park. GreenAcres offers distinctive and unique buildings with walls of full-length glass panels that invite the calm and tranquil nature of their settings into the building.

Andy Tait, Managing Director, said: “We often hear families tell us that if they had known about our beautiful Woodland Halls they would have chosen our venues for their cremation service. We are very pleased now to be able to provide this option for both our families and their funeral directors.”

Contact the Park Managers

Chiltern, Buckinghamshire – Marisa Isaacs: 01494 872 158
Rainford, Merseyside – Karen Halpin: 01744 649 189
Colney, Norwich – Sam Curtis: 01603 811 556

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