Call for survey participants


In 2019, Full Circle Funerals completed the first phase of a major research project supported by the University of York and funeral industry representatives (including Terry Tennens from SAIF, Fran Hall from The Good Funeral Guide and Julie Dunk from the ICCM).

This study identified five ‘funeral factors’ which bereaved people consistently reported were important to them when arranging or attending a funeral. The report is available for everyone to read and the findings have been presented at professional conferences (such as the ICCM, NAFD and Humanists UK conferences).

“During the research, some people shared their opinions about how people are physically looked after once the funeral director has been called,” says Sarah Jones who is conducting the research.

“This has raised additional important questions. For the next phase of the research project, the survey team is exploring this further.”

In this second phase of the Funeral Experts by Experience project, volunteers are asked to share their experiences and recommendations about how funeral directors physically care for people who have died. In addition, the team is also asking funeral directors to share their views and practice regarding care for people who have died.

“The aim is to understand practice and experiences before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic,” says Sarah. “The belief is that understanding what bereaved people want means the sector can all collectively continue to improve the quality of funeral care services. One of the best ways to gain this insight is by making sure that there is more and more robust research into funeral care. Then we need to make sure that good evidence is used to inform standards, regulation and training.

“We would be grateful if funeral directors would complete our short online questionnaire and are looking for members of the public who might be interested in volunteering to share their experience and views with us – this will involve a short interview over the telephone, or by videocall.”

The survey link can be found here.

More information about the study (and the report) can be found here.

A short video asking for volunteers to take part can be found here.

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