Bradford considers UK’s first resomation site

Scholemoor Crematorium

One of Bradford’s existing crematoria could be used for water-based cremation services in the future, a meeting has been told.

Both Nab Wood Crematorium and Scholemoor Crematorium are due to shut in the coming years, as part of a major shake-up of the district’s bereavement services. They will be replaced by new, more up to date facilities in Heaton and Bierley. If one were to be used as a site for resomation, it would be the first of its kind in the UK.

The plan was raised as part of the Council’s Bereavement Strategy in 2016, as the local authority looks to replace its existing crematoria at Nab Wood, Scholemoor and Oakworth, which are more than 100 years old.

The meeting of councillors was told that Nab Wood would remain an operational cemetery as long as it still had grave space, but that no further buildings would be added to the site. As Scholemoor is a very busy facility, the council wants to avoid any use that would exacerbate problems there. The possibility of resomation, a water based process, for the disposal of bodies, was mooted as a possibility for one of the two crematoria.

Resomation is not yet available in the UK, but there are signs this may change in the near future. Earlier this year, Yorkshire Water issued the UK’s first wastewater consent to discharge, which would allow the liquid to be discharged into the sewage system before it is then processed. Resomation Ltd, based in Stanningley, is one of the main companies that produces equipment for Resomations.

Managing Director Howard Pickard said: “Being a local company we look forward to working with the Council to undertake this green, environmentally sustainable method for local families who wish to express their concerns for the environment.”         

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