A team built for the future

words: Mark Moran, Golden Charter Director of Sales
Mark Moran

As the expectations of families continue to shift along with digital and regulatory realities, many funeral directors will recently have heard from Golden Charter about changes to their business managers.

Among those changes, centralised support from a dedicated office-based team has moved to the fore for some funeral directors. Mark Moran, Golden Charter’s Director of Sales, explained their role to SAIFInsight.

He said: “In recent months we have all seen how effective remote support through video calls and telephone contact can be, and that has meant our Centralised Business Team has been in the spotlight.

“That centralised approach has been in place for a small number of funeral directors since late 2018 and we were delighted with the results – having a single point of contact available over the phone has seen many funeral directors becoming more engaged with our work, valuing the flexibility this approach provides. Ongoing restrictions on movement and social distancing only further proved their value, making this the ideal time to expand the team.

“The remote team approach has many advantages. The recent reduction in time spent travelling between appointments that COVID-19 has enforced will continue to be a positive for our office-based team going forward, and they can put that time into actively supporting you as well as being more available to you.

“Growing the team means each individual will support a select number of funeral directors, affording them more time to provide assistance to you. Beyond COVID-19, these business managers are an environmentally friendly, time efficient, flexible group.

“We will keep providing Independents with the most comprehensive support package, beyond simply helping with your pre-paid plan enquiries. This expanded team will continue to work alongside our team of field-based managers across the UK so we can provide the right approach to everyone. This reflects our changing reality, as we bolster our existing structure with this additional support to further help funeral directors looking to engage more online and over the telephone.

“The key is that we can be more flexible, and react in the ways that best suit you.”

Members of the new Centralised Business Team can be found on the new-look contacts page (see the full issue for details).

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