The value of membership

words: Alun Tucker
Alun Tucker, Executive Chairman, SAIF

It has been a good start to the year for SAIF and I am delighted with the progress we have made in tackling some big issues in the industry, while continuing to support individual members in their local communities.

On the national side, we have responded to concerns over the growing costs of funerals and defended funeral directors who are often being unfairly blamed by the media for the increase in prices.

SAIF has also been campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of mental health support in the funeral industry and I am very pleased that more of our members are starting to make use of our free SAIFSupport counselling service.

On a more local level, we have been championing the fantastic achievements of individual members in their local communities, including promoting funeral directors who have completed their IFDC qualification.

All of these accomplishments have brought a greater recognition to SAIF and its leading role in the funeral industry. As a result, when the public sees a funeral director is a member of SAIF, they know they will receive a professional and caring service.

We encourage the public to look for the SAIF logo when choosing a funeral director, so it is important that you, as members, make your membership clear to the public to ensure your firm is not overlooked.

This is particularly important on your website, as it is usually the first place people will look when searching for a local funeral director, and also on any social media platforms that you are using.

A high-resolution version of the SAIF logo for use on your website, social networks and email signatures is available on the members’ section of the SAIF website and I would encourage you to make use of it.

Our administration team can also send SAIF branded posters as well as window and car stickers to help you promote your membership of SAIF, so please do get in touch with them.

In 2016, we will be continuing to speak with councillors at North East Lincolnshire Council with regard to a market test that will examine the possibility of the council opening its own funeral service. This is an area I am particularly keen to focus on, as it could potentially impact on funeral directors across the whole of the UK.

We will also be advising members on how they can make the most of social media, and in this issue you can find out about social media webinars that will be run by our PR agency on Wednesday 16 March.

As ever, if you would like any support in promoting your successes, or if you have any exciting plans for your firm in 2016, then please get in touch.

Finally, I am delighted that the hotel for the AGM weekend in Cardiff is fully booked, but do not be deterred from booking. There are a number of suitable venues close by, so telephone Linda at the SAIF Business Centre and she will help you.

Alun Tucker,
SAIF Executive Chairman


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