The final send-off

Colourful Coffins

Meet three coffin manufacturers still creating beautiful products in unprecedented circumstances.

Bradnam Joinery

Bradnam Joinery is the trusted manufacturer of coffins and caskets across the UK. With more than a century’s experience behind the company, it offers a wide selection of handcrafted products.

The company is renowned for traditional, hand-built coffins made from a range of both solid and veneered woods. As well as the traditionally styled coffins, the company also leads the way in the creation of more contemporary coffins. Also, in these ecologically unpredictable times, they are paying particular attention to providing environmentally friendly coffins from a range of materials such as wicker and cardboard.

Bradnam’s fleet of vehicles and trusted delivery team handle orders promptly with care. While standard orders can be delivered within five working days for the majority of the year, the team also completes special orders in two or three working days, often at no extra charge. 

For more information about Bradnam’s products and services, call 01440 761 404 or email.

Bradnam coffins

Colourful Coffins

It’s been business as usual for bespoke coffin designer Colourful Coffins throughout the COVID-19 pandemic says founder and CEO Mary Tomes.

The company, whose range includes stunning personalised designs embellished with hand-applied crystals, glitter, images and artwork, has been working to serve families throughout the lockdown period.

“It’s been amazing,” says Mary. “Even though families have been extremely limited with the number of people they have been able to invite to a funeral, they have still been determined to do their very best and have the most beautiful coffins for their loved ones.

Colourful Coffins
The art deco design

“One family said they wanted a personalised picture coffin as a send-off for their mum and they were going to share it on social media so everyone could see it. We thought that was really special.”

Mary also paid tribute to her employees who, she says, really went the extra mile throughout the lockdown period. The Oxford-based company introduced a number of measures to help with social distancing, both for staff and also for visiting collection and delivery drivers, and she says these have worked very well.

“My staff have been incredible. Of course there have been some challenges, especially for those who have been shielding, but I’m proud to say that our team has coped incredibly well and we haven’t let a single family down. The team’s attitude really sums up the way we all feel about how important our coffins are to families for that final farewell and I am very thankful to each and every one of them.”

Call 01865 779172 or email. See the full range online.


The fundamental principles of providing top quality products with excellent customer care and a splash of creativity were at the heart of this company when it was founded in 1994.

These core beliefs have been unchanged despite the COVID-19 crisis, as Susan Macmillan, Tributes’ marketing and operation director, explains: “We endeavour to keep very good stock levels and took prompt action at the beginning of the crisis to mitigate any supply chain problems that might occur as well as setting up remote and COVID-secure working arrangements. We have been fully stocked, apart from a very few select sizes, and have been delighted to be able to continue to fully support our funeral director customers.

“We have great relationships with our delivery partners, and they have done a sterling job in difficult circumstances, but our team also made a number of personal deliveries in urgent cases or where deliveries have been disrupted, which has been very much appreciated. We also managed to obtain a supply of disposable masks which we distributed free of charge to assist customers who were having difficulties in obtaining PPE.

Tributes coffins

“We understand how hard it has been for families who have not been able to give their loved ones the final farewell that they would have wanted, and natural woven coffins, with their soft and gentle features, have been much in demand for families wanting to do something extra special for their loved ones and express just how much they care.

“Also, despite difficulties in obtaining paint supplies for our bespoke painted coffins, the ingenuity of our coffins team has meant that we have been able to continue providing coffins that reflect the deceased and make a very difficult time easier for families.”

Contact 0345 388 8742 or email. See the full range online.

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