Remembrance: We can make a difference

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Remembrance 2021

Golden Charter’s annual partnership campaign with the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland is now under way and we are looking forward to reaching new fundraising milestones in our sixth year of partnering with these vital charities.

So far, together with independent funeral directors and their ongoing commitment, an incredible £500,000 has been raised. Every donation makes a real difference to the lives of members of our Armed Forces community. With your support this year we can reach an even greater fundraising milestone.

For 2021, we are delighted to have over 700 funeral directors taking part in the campaign. There’s still time to join us though: any funeral director who exclusively offers Golden Charter plans can get involved simply by speaking to your Golden Charter business manager or by emailing.

By participating in the partnership, you will donate £25 to the Royal British Legion or Poppyscotland for every funeral plan you sell or are allocated during the campaign. Each and every £25 donation helps to support our Armed Forces community. For example, £25 could pay for an online learning course for a veteran to help them secure a job, or provide emergency overnight accommodation.

We have a wealth of marketing materials available to support you and your business throughout the campaign. These include point of sale toolkits for displaying in your premises and handy digital engagement tools to help bolster your online presence and connect with your local communities. What’s more, this year we are excited to introduce a social media content planner celebrating the charity partnership, to help you effortlessly promote your involvement on your Facebook business pages over the coming months.

Join us as we journey towards our campaign fundraising target of an additional £150,000. Being part of this partnership is a great way to show support for your local community. And your donations will ensure that the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland continue to provide much-needed help for the brave men and women who have served in our Armed Forces for years to come. We can do it, together.

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