New vehicles to help serve local families in their time of need

As one of Rothwell’s longest established – and only family-owned – funeral directors, R Fox & Sons approaches its position in the community with utmost respect and responsibility. For more than 100 years, the family has been serving those in Rothwell and the surrounding areas in their time of need. The firm takes great pride in its premises and chapel of rest, as well as its funeral fleet, which has been consistently Coleman Milne since 2001.

The classic Norwood hearse and Rosedale limousine are perfectly crafted vehicles to suit the high standard demanded by such a long-standing company. The full leather interior assures comfort for both driver and passengers alike while wide opening doors and exceptional leg room allows for a dignified journey. The classic hearse boasts an expansive glass roof through which swaths of light crown around the coffin.

The funeral director has a strong sense of pride, which stretches through every aspect of what the company does – from its Monumental Mason Service, to its peaceful chapel of rest and through to its vehicles.

Coleman Milne is proud to have been a partner in the firm’s service. For more than 15 years, R Fox & Sons has chosen Coleman Milne to provide its ceremonial vehicles. Richard Fox said: “Coleman Milne have always been at the forefront of funeral vehicles, we chose them for the quality of the craftsmanship, the comfort and style. We both share a long history in this industry and there’s a quality that comes with this much experience.”

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