Memorial tree draws crowds

Jill Glencross

SAIF member Jill Glencross has embraced the spirit of Christmas this year by offering mulled wine and mince pies under a memorial Christmas tree.

The tree, which has tags featuring names of people’s loved ones hanging from it, sits outside Jill’s impressive funeral home on The Square, Dalston, in Carlisle for a second year.

“We put it up last year when we weren’t able to have memorial services and we thought it was a good idea to mark those who had passed,” says Jill.

“There was such a good response. People from all over the place asked to put a tag on, and these were even from funerals that we hadn’t performed.

“As we’re able to socialise a bit more this year, we thought we would mark it by having carols, mince pies and mulled wine, and the memorial tree will be going up each year as it has been such a success.”

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