Limousines for O’Hara

Binz hearse

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors has run a distinctive fleet since the early 1990s and now its latest investment of two Pilato XJ limousines and a Pilato Queen II hearse brings its fleet right up to date. The limousines are an upgrade of their previous vehicles, and the hearse joins O’Hara’s fleet as an additional vehicle.

“We are huge fans of the Jaguar XJ design, so we upgraded the limousine at the right time to get the last of this current design,” Anthony O’Hara tells SAIFInsight about his new vehicles.

“The Pilato Jaguars are a rare find in the UK,” said Anthony. “The bodywork’s designed in Italy and the vehicles are finished to our spec by Superior UK. The Superior slide-out deck makes life easier when loading and unloading coffins and floral displays. We also asked Superior to install a PA system into the new and existing hearse for outdoor funerals or crematorium funerals with a large number of attendees, so we are possibly the only UK funeral directors with a PA system built in to our hearses.”

O’Hara’s newest vehicles were out on the road within days of delivery, and have received great feedback from families.

“Everyone loves the look of the vehicles and the seating arrangement we went with in the limousines – two executive style seats rather than the traditional bench seats for a more comfortable ride. Superior UK also fitted their hygiene screens so we can transport more people and keep families together within COVID restrictions.”

Superior Automotive is the official supplier of Pilato’s Jaguar vehicles to the UK.

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