George’s new vehicle turns heads

George Locke's vehicles

R. Locke & Son, an Independent in the Stratford area, has taken delivery of a brand-new bespoke Mercedes Vito removal vehicle which is proving a hit with the care homes and mortuaries the firm visits.

The company, which can be traced back to 1853 and was also the winner of this year’s Family Business Award at the Independent Funeral Director Business Awards, asked Superior UK for a bespoke Vito created from scratch.

“We have used a Vito as our primary removal vehicle for many years,” says George. “Our very faithful, older Vito was getting tired, so we bought a replacement and asked a van conversion company to turn it into a removal vehicle. But it soon became apparent that we needed a funeral vehicle specialist to fully understand our needs.”

Colin turned to Superior UK as the company’s fit-outs are tailored to funeral directors’ needs.

“We quickly got used to having two Vitos,” George says, “so instead of retiring old faithful, we asked Superior to help with a brand-new replacement.”

R. Locke & Son’s new 4-berth Vito has been fitted with hydraulic actuated twin decks. The lower deck is for stretchers or coffins, with the top deck reserved for coffins and use as a ceremonial deck. Internally, the vehicle was equipped with plenty of storage solutions for the team’s requirements including additional lifting equipment and easy access to PPE.

“Because we use our Vitos for both home and hospital removals, it was very important that our new vehicle looked good inside and out,” says George. “We’re confident that clients can come to the back of the vehicle and see a professional, dignified setting for their loved one.”

George says the Vito’s clever PPE storage gets many compliments. “We’ve even had hospital mortuary staff so impressed with it, they’ve fetched colleagues to show them.”

Combining Superior’s Rise&Fall deck with clear windows has helped expand the capacity of the fleet as the new Vito can be used in place of a hearse if needed.

“We’ve used Vitos for a while, but we’re especially pleased with Superior’s workmanship,” says George. “The high-class look of the vehicle is complemented by the quality fit-out, which is completely bespoke to the way we work. Superior has a well-earned reputation and gave us exactly what we wanted.”

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