Funeral director reveals €500,000 upgrade

Massey Bros

Over the next five years, Dublin’s Massey Brothers plan to open a number of new branches around the city and surrounding areas, starting with last month’s new branch in Blackrock.

Bringing its total branch number to 10, and potentially creating 15 new jobs, the half-million Euro expansion came alongside refurbishments.

The new Blackrock branch even lets overseas mourners watch funerals online through Skype.

In recent years, the Independent has developed new products and services including a Harley-Davidson hearse and spaces for civil funerals.

Managing Director Freddie Maguire said: “Massey Bros is a growing business, evidenced by the fact that we now arrange approximately one in four of all funerals in the areas in which we have a presence.

“The service we offer is one that enables families to honour the lives of their loved ones. To do that in a meaningful way, we have to be innovative, particularly as today there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ funeral.”

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