Funeral Celebrant Accord launches

The Funeral Celebrant Accord, the new initiative from the Funeral Celebrancy Council, was launched at the National Funeral Exhibition (NFE) in an event hosted by representatives from the Council, including NAFD President David Barrington and Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF.

The launch took place at a fully booked seminar attended by funeral professionals eager to hear more about the initiative, which is part of ongoing work to improve the standards of funeral celebrancy that has been under way since 2018.

Both trade associations have played an important part in helping shape the criteria for a good celebrant which culminated in the new Accord, and which is outlined in an accompanying document, Working with Celebrants: Points for Excellence, a checklist for funeral directors and arrangers.

Jim Auld, National President of SAIF, noted how pleased he was to be present at the launch of the Council and the Accord, calling it an “important step for the funeral profession”.

He added: “I think it’s great that the Council is going to work for standards in the profession, and really work all together. We’re all cogs in a wheel, and that’s the important thing to remember.”

Terry Tennens echoed this and added: “SAIF are really pleased to be part of this Accord. There are many celebrants coming through and it is sometimes confusing for funeral directors to know the standards and who you can trust. The funeral directors’ relationship with the celebrants is a crucial relationship in terms of serving their bereaved clients. So, I really want to encourage funeral directors to adopt the Accord, and to share with their staff the value of it.”

There is no cost involved in adopting the Accord for either funeral professionals or celebrants. By adopting the Accord, and publicly displaying the logo, those involved in organising funeral ceremonies are demonstrating their commitment to raising standards for the benefit of everyone.

Copies of both the Accord and the checklists can be downloaded free of charge from the Funeral Celebrancy Council website where more details about the work and the purpose of the Council can be found.

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