Eight weeks to engage families

Independents are feeling the benefits of Golden Charter’s partnership approach in 2019. This month, Tovey Bros explains how that support has improved how it follows up with interested customers.

South Wales’ Tovey Bros has undergone an eight-week process which has improved how it responds to interested families, enlisting the help of Golden Charter’s partnership service.

Over the 2018 calendar year, plan sales appeared to have dipped by a fifth despite enquiries coming through, as three quarters of those who enquired about a plan did not ultimately take one out.

James Tovey, funeral director at Tovey Bros, explained: “We understood that in today’s changing market and with growing competition from corporates we needed to do more to maintain and grow our market share of pre-paid funeral plans.

“We looked at our processes around enquiry follow-up and realised that we needed to do more to service our clients more effectively. With a better understanding of how we worked and some guidance and support around best practice from Golden Charter, it was remarkably easy to put a new process in place.”

Golden Charter worked with James to implement a more robust process to engage families and deal with their enquiries.

The points to work on were established as:

  • Setting aside a dedicated staff resource to handle enquiries and drive a positive response, ensuring families always dealt with the right person
  • Tracking and recording enquiries effectively, and instantly offering an appointment
  • A faster, more consistent enquiry follow-up structure, bolstered by automated reminders for staff
  • Fully updating and training staff on the plan products available

Eight weeks later the results were already clear:

  • Plan sales have risen to equal last year’s, at a time when the wider market appears to have been falling back
  • Enquirers are 40% more likely to take an appointment, and 95% of those appointments resulted in a plan being taken up (also a 20% increase)
  • With better informed employees, both the Tovey Bros staff and enquiring families appear happier

James called the changes “just a set of small, common-sense actions that, once fully understood, implemented and owned by the team here at Tovey Bros, have had a very positive effect on our conversion rates from enquiry, to appointment, to the plan being taken”.

He added: “We’re extremely pleased that the changes we’ve implemented have resulted in such improvements. Not only in how we deal with enquiries, but also in the way we offer the best possible level of service to our clients and community.

“We very much look forward to seeing how this increase in effectiveness continues to work for us, when our integrated marketing campaign goes live in the coming month.”

The results eight weeks in are only the beginning of the process. Alongside support with the integrated marketing campaign, next to be introduced are digital measures including a Facebook presence and a new website shortly going live.

The partnership approach is now fully up and running, with Golden Charter’s support now broadened to include this level of work on enquiries and marketing. Support is designed to be tailored to the funeral director’s needs, so if you are interested in exploring these options, simply contact your local Area or Regional Business Manager.

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