Cloudberry smashes through the million

Independent funeral directors using Cloudberry’s In Memory cloud-based donations management system made over £1 million for charities and groups across the UK over 2017.

Over 21,000 individual donations were made, including more than 7,200 online transactions – an 89% increase that saw online donations overtake traditional cash and cheque options.

Cloudberry said donors were growing increasingly used to donating online via funeral directors’ websites, but also noted that the figures continue to show the importance of cash and cheque donations.

Cloudberry Director Mark Robinson said: “These figures continue to support our assertion that funeral directors need a donation management platform that allows them to manage traditional and online giving together in one system. While online will continue to grow, it will be some time before the vast majority are managed this way, which remains our objective.”

He added: “We are delighted with the almost doubling of online transactions, resulting in ever more donations [through] our customers’ websites. The single fact that consistently eight out of 10 online donors add Gift Aid makes this form of donation ever more compelling.”

Cloudberry noted that the most successful funeral director using In Memory still only sees 57% of donations transacted online, leaving them to deal manually with 43% via cash and cheques. On average just over a third of transactions were online, compared to 65% by cash or cheque.

The power of online credit and debit card donations to attract Gift Aid also boosted the total raised. 78% of donors made the single click to add Gift Aid to their card donation.

In Memory, now entering its fifth year of operation, has now processed over 73,000 donations in total via funeral directors. Including Gift Aid this has resulted in donations totalling over £3.25 million.

Around 60% of donors live within the typical trading area of the funeral director.

Mark added: “We remain totally committed to deducting nothing from any donation and confirm that our charge of £6 per In Memory page to the funeral director remains fixed for the coming year.”

For more information, please contact Mark Robinson at Cloudberry by email or calling 01803 229 467 or 7966 323 786.

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