Business success with social media

Funeral directors have an increasingly wide range of options to engage with families online, through social networking and multimedia content.

Social media functionality has grown over the years, and people can use Facebook rather than a search engine to find businesses they wish to use. The recent updates and reviews available on Facebook can be an advantage over older, more static websites.

Paul Hodgson, Golden Charter RSM, said: “Social media is becoming omnipresent, and Independents can take advantage of that in various ways, from engaging with the local community and keeping people up to date, all the way to paid adverts targeted by age and area.

“If you’re currently doing a campaign for funeral plans via leaflet drops or newspaper adverts you may like to use Facebook to strengthen visibility locally, and the best part is you choose the budget you wish to set. Facebook doesn’t give you a price for an advert like a newspaper. If you wish to spend no more than £5 per day over seven days for your Facebook advert, then no more than £35 is what you’ll spend.”

What can Facebook do for your business?

• Connect you with your local community
• Cost effectively promote your brand locally
• Keep your families up to date with local events and information
• Extensive targeting to reach those who are more likely to require your services

Talk to your local Golden Charter representative if you would like to hear more about utilising Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With Golden Charter’s advert having also returned to screens, the company has supplied Independents with a link that can be used online. The advert encourages people to plan ahead by focusing on the role of the independent funeral director in Golden Charter’s work; embedding or linking to the advert on your website is a simple way to use your online presence to promote plans to local families.

Details of how to download or embed the video can be found in Goldenews 125, or speak to your local Golden Charter representative.

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