‘Birthday’ limousine joins fleet

D J Bewley vehicles

Patrik Bewley, o f D.J. Bewley Funeral Directors in Wiltshire, celebrated his lockdown birthday in style – by taking delivery of a stunning new limousine. The Pilato Mercedes Lyra joins a Polaris hearse to complete Bewley’s iconic fleet of blue vehicles which cover a large area of Wiltshire between Bath and Chippenham.

“It was the right time to invest in a new limousine, and we knew it had to be something special,” explained Patrik Bewley, who runs D.J. Bewley with his former wife Cheryl and their children Ryan and Krystle. The family firm has four branches and added a new regional office in 2020.

“Our offices are modern and high tech, but comfortable and traditional. We needed the same values from our limousine – something innovative but traditional, that would give families a memorable experience.”

Superior UK took the Bewley family out to the Pilato factory in Italy to see the very first Mercedes-Benz limousine Pilato had built.

“It is very rare you get to see such advanced vehicles in build,” said Patrik. “We had the opportunity to speak with Pilato’s designers and engineers and all agreed that investing in a Lyra limousine was the right decision.”

Superior UK delivered Bewley’s Lyra ready to go, and it was out on a funeral the next day.

“Receiving a Pilato Lyra limousine has to be one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday,” said Jon Helm of Superior UK, Pilato’s official partner in the UK and Ireland. “This amazing vehicle joins the Pilato Polaris hearse we supplied in late 2019.”

The brace of Pilato ceremonial vehicles complete Bewley’s journey towards running an entire fleet of blue vehicles – the Pilato Mercedes Polaris hearse and Lyra limousine, and Mercedes Vito removal vehicle, all finished with deep metallic blue paintwork. “We’re over the moon with this lovely vehicle,” said Patrik. “The fit and finish is perfect, and the rear of the car offers families such a spacious and comfortable environment. The airy interior and stylish pentagonal-shaped glass roof aren’t immediately apparent until you get inside the car. They will be an unexpected surprise, and an emotional lift for the grieving. We would like to thank Superior UK for delivering the car with a COVID-compliant hygiene screen so we could get the vehicle out on the road immediately.”

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