Being digitally aware

Author: Carl Ng, FuneralTech

This is a digital age marred by a digital way of doing things and digital lifestyles. Internet platforms are taking over our lives where most personal information is stored digitally. Its penetration is growing day by day and so are the cases of cybercrime.

A major concern is the increasing cases of identity theft. This crime does not discriminate. Instead, this generation has made everyone realise that any bit of information is just as essential. Personalised information has remained the biggest target of cybercrime where people with malicious intentions take the opportunity to misuse information for various ill reasons. Our ultimate goal as we go into an era characterised by digital identities is to stay safe and adopt techniques that can help us achieve that.

First, have a clear understanding of the risks involved. Every one of us is a potential target regardless of the type of activities we take part in. It is always important to note that the digital world is inhabited by all types of individuals and not necessarily those that agree with our lines of thought.

Criminals waiting to pounce on satisfactory identity profiles are out there and are waiting for that precise moment when they can lay hands on personal information. Being clear-eyed may come in handy for us to combat such individuals while also understanding the benefits of digital security and the privacy risks.

The software we use will always have flaws. However, this can be addressed by installing regular updates for all the applications that we deploy in our daily activities. This is one of the techniques that has proven essential in sealing all the gaps or vulnerabilities that attackers take advantage of.

Leaving software unpatched is like leaving gateways open for criminals to use. Enabling automatic updates should be the way to go to get rid of most of the vulnerabilities attackers may use. Moreover, phishing emails with suspicious links should never be responded to since hackers have resorted to that tactic as an easy way to steal personal information.

Information technologies have continued to be woven into our societal setup. The internet is also going to levels no one ever imagined. The types of attacks that were recorded in the past are not in any way similar to those we witness today. They have evolved into sophisticated techniques requiring a great deal of vigilance. We should always be open to finding new and secure ways to navigate the internet and ensure that the safety of our digital identities remains at the top of our minds.

Additionally, we should always utilise the following measures to keep digital identities safe:

  • Understand the risks involved
  • Install regular updates for all applications you use
  • Do not respond to phishing emails
  • Never share personal information with strangers over the internet and websites you are unfamiliar with
  • Lastly, if you wouldn’t do it face to face – don’t do it online

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